Warrior Gold Whey

  • Brand: Warrior Labs
  • Evaluare:
  • Comentarii: 4
  • Disponibilitate: In stoc
  • Cuprins:
Pret original 175,99 RON
Pret 156,95 RON
Vei economisi: 19,04 RON


  • Juraj
    Chocolate coconut. Great flavor and the package is HUUGE! :)
  • Vasile
    I´ve bought vanilla biscuits flavour, which tastes like some delicious chocolate wafer and blends easily in liquids. I feel well after drinking (I used to try other proteins and suffer from stomach ache). I highly recommend and buy it again!
  • Jurko
    Great protein! I use to drink 1-2 times per day and still love it. Recommend. 
  • leonard
    A quality protein. I really like the taste of chocolate and coconut. It deserves a try

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